Live Sound Services
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Studio Services

❧ MIDI Sequencing
❧ Spoken Word Recording

❧ Drum Loop Programming
❧ CD Mastering & One-offs
❧ Hard Disk Recording & Mixing
❧ Voice Overs for Various Media
❧ Custom music for dancers, singers, and other artists

Artist Production

❧ Composing & Arranging
❧ Production for a wide range of musical styles

We specialize in working with Singer/Songwriters. Most all production can be done ʻin houseʻ. This includes expert guitar & bass playing, keyboard & midi sequencing, lead & backing vocals, as well as live drums.

Multimedia Production:

❧ Sound Effects Library
❧ Commerical & Jingle Production
❧ Native Polynesian instrumentation & drumming


Pre-Production: Professional assistance from creative design to artist relations is provided in the preparation for your studio session.

Studio Musicians & Producers: Professional Studio Musicians and Producers experienced in all types of recording production are available.

Project Packages:
Custom packages are available to tailor your needs for each individual project. Sounds Like Hale Recording Studio can assist with everything from Mastering, Pressing & Packaging your finished CD, as well as distribution.